How to Make Your Penis Grow Bigger With Penis Exercises

There are lots of guys who want to know how to make the penis grow bigger. In this article I will elaborate more about penis exercises and why it is the best method for penis enlargement. It is hard to find really helpful and honest information about penis enlargement and pretty much everyone tries to sell worthless pills and other junk that are supposed to help men get a massive penis in no time. We all know it is BS but in this article I will focus on reality.

What are penis exercises all about?

Thousands and thousands of men have successfully used penis enlargement exercises to increase the size and performance of their most prized possession. Based on the success stories of these guys and several studies that researched penile exercises, the average length gains are around 1-1.2 inches and girth gains range from 0,8-1 inch on average. in 3 months.

These results can be achieved by following a proper penis enlargement program, being consistent and disciplined. Results don’t come overnight but if you stick with a proven exercise program for 3-4 months then your penis will get much bigger.

What type of exercises make the penis bigger?

A successful and proven penis enlargement program consists of several types of exercises. Each type of exercise has a specific function and know what exercises to do and what exercises you need to do in order to get a certain result, is crucial.

Stretching exercises are one of the main categories that mainly focus on increasing the length of the penis. These exercises are performed in a flaccid state and a general warm-up with a wash-cloth or rice sock is necessary. Basically you use your hands to stretch the ligaments and penile tissues. Stretching exercises help to bring out the inner penis and thus make the penis longer.

Squeezing exercises, such as various jelqing exercises, focus on increasing the girth of the penis. In order to do squeezing exercises the penis needs to be about 50-75% erect and some lubrication is also needed. The idea is make the OK-sign with your thumb and index finger, then wrap your fingers around the base of your penis and slowly move your hand towards the head of the penis. The goal is to force more blood into the penis. This extra blood creates pressure inside the penis which in turn causes micro-damages inside the penis. Once the body repairs these micro-tears then the penis will be able to hold more blood and hence be thicker.

There are also exercises to improve erection quality and stamina through training the PC-muscle. It is the muscles that controls the erections and it stretches from the pubic bone to the coccyx (tail bone) forming the floor of the pelvic cavity. You don’t need to use your hands or any special training aid to strengthen this muscle. All you need to do is contract the muscle for 3-4 seconds, relax, and then repeat. You can do 20- contractions to start out with and move up from there. If you want to improve your erectile strength and stamina then training your PC-muscle is crucial.

This was just a very basic overview about how it is possible to grow the penis bigger with penile exercises. To get really noticeable results you must learn more about penis exercises and follow a proven program consistently for 3-4 months at least.

There are both direct benefits and indirect benefits that come from these exercises. It is important though to be realistic and understand what has to be done to get results. If you are not 100% committed and serious about this then it is pointless to waste your time on this. This method is only for individuals who are serious about this and have the required level of commitment.

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